An introductory assignment in my research methodologies class was to articulate my emerging educational research philosophy and post for feedback and questions from others.  Below is my emerging philosophy that I shared with my peers.  Please feel free to post any questions or comments as I would appreciate the feedback!

I believe that an essential component of being an effective educator is to be actively engaged in scholarly development in how to continually improve teaching and learning practices. The world is constantly changing; consequently, to meet the needs of learners, education must be continually evolving.  To achieve this, educational research must be ongoing to determine how to effectively reach learners. Educators must continually engage in active research where they pose research questions, collect and organize data, and share findings within their scholarly community. Critical analysis and feedback of current best practices are vital to the continual improvement of teaching practices. Research can occur in all formats, both formally and informally, and should encompass both immediate action research that occurs within schools amongst colleagues as well as published scholarly research reaching larger audiences. Research findings should identify both recommendations for best practices as well as recommendations for future research.


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