Today in class, we introduced the topic of Economic Systems of Canada & the United States. To get the students engaged AND thinking, a modified version of the K/W/L activity was implemented.  Here is what we did:

  1. At table groups, students were given strips of WHITE and GREY sheets of paper along with some markers.
  2. On the SMART Board, students were given instructions to write down facts they already know about Canada’s economy of the white paper. They were given the example “Canada uses the Canadian dollar as their currency.” Each strip was to contain only ONE fact.
  3. Once they finished recording what they know, on the grey strips, they word to write down questions they would like answered – one question per strip.
    IMG_1240  IMG_1241
  4. After students were done, they were given masking tape and instructed to tape their strips to 2 separate walls of the classroom.
  5. Once all strips were hung, we did a reflection walk and looked at what others students posted as facts and questions.
  6. From here, students were given tabletop white boards and instructed to divide their board into two sections. In one section, they were to write what they learnt today from each other. On the other side, they were to write down questions they still had.  The results were incredible!
  7. As a wrap-up activity, table groups were to share one fact they learnt and one questions they still had.
  8. We finished our class by receiving entrance tickets to complete for a flip lesson tomorrow.

Overall, the class was a success.  By the end of the day, three classes had contributed to the walls.  Students of all learning abilities were actively engaged and participated.  We will be leaving these questions up on the wall for the next few weeks. I have posted a few of their questions below:


As an extension, as we move through our lessons, I will pull questions off the wall and post them on the whiteboard as we work through lessons that answer those questions.  It is hoped that this will make the learning more meaningful and thus more relevant!


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