Whiteboarding in the Classroom


This past June, I had the opportunity to attend The Flip Network Conference in Kelowna, BC. Here, I met an amazing group of teachers who have been transforming their practice into a more constructivist, student-centered, active learning approach. One of the biggest “take-aways” from this conference was the whiteboarding session.

What is Whiteboarding? 

Whiteboarding is when student work inside the classroom is facilitated by the use of student/group whiteboards.  Worksheets are replaced with sheets of plexi-glass, which are written on using dry-erase markers. Students of all ages and ability levels are able to comfortably engage in group and individual activities in an active and creative manner.

Why Whiteboarding?

Whiteboarding is a great tool to add to a teacher’s toolkit.  There are several key advantages to this resource:

  1. Kids can contribute, knowing that if they make a mistake, it can be erased – work is not permanent…

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  1. […] into small groups of 3-4. Using erasable tabletop whiteboards made opaque plexiglass sheets (see Whiteboarding in the Classroom), students were asked to collaboratively recall, organize and define the five factors that […]

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