A few weeks ago, my grade 7 and 8 Online Presence classes were introduced to QR Codes – and they absolutely loved it! Here is what we did…

After completing activities in digital citizenship, particularly digital security, students were given access to a Kidblog account I had set up for them.  Over two classes, students were to create an introductory blog post about themselves, including the following criteria:

  • Your name (first name only)
  • Where you go to school
  • Your age
  • A description of your family
  • Your interests inside of school
  • Your interests outside of school
  • What career interests you have after finishing high school
  • Your dream vacation
  • A photograph of yourself (or your avatar)
  • Any other information you would like to share

Because this took two classes, on the second class, we used the school iPads to given students the opportunity to understand how to use the mobile app for Kidblog.  This also allowed them to take photos directly on the device and upload them immediately.

Once their blog post was complete, and after a brief scaffolding lesson using my blog as the exemplar, we created QR codes using the website http://www.qrcode-monkey.com. These QR codes were linked to their introductory blog post.

The kids quickly learnt that they could personalize the colour and size of their QR code. Unfortunately, we were unable to print them off in colour.  From here, we downloaded the QR code and printed off two copies – one for them to take home and a second to hand in.  Names were placed on the backside of the sheet.

Next, to share our learning with the school, we created a QR code display board and placed this in the school foyer. In the middle of the board, we placed a sign that suggested an app to download in order to explore the board.  We left the display board up for two weeks. Luckily, our timing was great.  Not only did we have parent/teacher/student interviews during this time frame, but we also had a school basketball tournament.  As a result, the board got a lot of traffic!



Overall, the students loved the activity. They were engaged and interested, and help support each other when they had difficulties. It was a simple assignment to complete, only requiring one class, and the students had a great artifact to take home or add to their learning portfolios.

As an exemplar, here is the QR code I generated for my blog:



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