Looking for an easy-to-implement maker space project get build interest – and support – in the learning commons and maker spaces movement?  Consider starting with duct tape!


Duct tape comes in all sizes, colours and prints today, and can be used to make simple projects that get kids tinkering.  Below are some great books to consider ordering for you learning commons:

Unknown                          Unknown-3                           Unknown-2                                            Unknown-1



Some great easy Tapigami samples to have on display include the rose, pen toppers, or even a cheap pair of flip flops that have been covered! And don’t forget the ever -popular duct tape wallet!

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Duct tape is not cheap, but consider looking online and ordering them in bulk.  Students could then buy rolls from the school for $3.00-$5.00. Or, they could bring their own in.


Good luck and happy tinkering!


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