Professional Learning:

  • Previous member of the CBE Aspiring Assistant Principal cohort.
  • Successfully established, fostered and shared a professional learning network both synchronously and asynchronously.
  • Attended Edmonton Google Summit 2014.
  • CBE SMART Education Mentor teacher.
  • Attended workshops on Library to Learning Commons, Read & Write Gold 5, CORE for Learning, Web 2.0, Gamification of Learning, Embracing BYOD, Connecting School Development Plans with School Technology Templates, Anticipating Educational Technologies in 2018, and D2L & Personalization of Learning.
  • Successfully completed e-Pd courses Teaching and Learning Online, Building Distributed Learning Environments, and Web 2.0.
  • Attended the Flip Network Conference 2012.
  • Highly knowledgeable in the policy and requirements for stakeholders when integrating Web 2.0 into school practice.


Professional Leadership:

  • Created, tracked and synthesized data measures for school development plan responsibilities, including literacy, RTI effectiveness, learning commons relevancy and technology integration.
  • Designed and collaborated on new course offerings at the graduate program levels in the area of technological literacies.
  • Designed and support a team of teachers in implementing a literacy strategy at a junior high school of over 800 students.
  • Designed and lead numerous staff development sessions on SMART Technologies, digital citizenship, assistive technologies, blogging, and D2L.
  • Key teacher for Gmail rollout and Google prototype in a school of over 500 students.
  • Designed and lead staff development at Calgary City Teacher’s Convention 2014 on the topics of augmented reality and iPad deployment – lessons learned.
  • Designed and facilitated staff development at Calgary City Teacher’s Convention 2013, MidSun School and Clarence Sansom School on the topic of mobile learning and apps for education.
  • Volunteer presenter at the CBE Web 2.0 Symposium, sharing a locally developed course, Web 2.0.
  • Volunteer presenter at the CBE Inclusive Technologies Symposium, presenting on the pedagogy and integration of the flipped classroom into teaching and learning.
  • Teacher contributor to the CTF Fair at Forest Lawn High School in the area of Communication Technology (Podcasting) May 2013.
  • Deployed, managed and built capacity in iPad integration to support student learning.
  • Implemented, lead, analyzed and evaluated the collection of data for the Tell Them From Me survey. Made school-based recommendations based on programming and best practices.

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